It seems that the famous celebrity, Doctor Oz, got us all thinking about the benefits drinking of green tea, and so, a ton of little-known herbal teas were brought into the forefront of the media, due to their slimming and detox properties.

Some of these natural loose leaf teas may be new to us in North America, but they are not new, in any sense of word, to the world around us.
One such herbal tea is the virtually unheard of agarwood tea leaves. While it is a predominant force in Asian medicinal and spiritual practices, not too many of us have incorporated it into our health regime.

For those of you who are thinking about what you drink just as much as what you eat, agarwood tea leaves are a great alternative to a hot, caffeinated tea, or a refreshing, cold, thirst quencher. With zero caffeine energy and natural hydration without the sugar, it gives you a power punch of surprising health benefits.

Agarwood tea is meant to be drank on a daily basis in order to obtain and maintain long lasting health benefits. The tea is a detoxifier that is a natural and safe way to flush and eliminate harmful toxins from your body.Whether you drink the tea hot or cold, you will receive the same health benefits .Many neurological disorders are caused by the accumulation of mercury in the body, which does not naturally expel. Mercury has also been linked to premature aging (which nobody wants). Agarwood removes mercury from your system, which reduces the risk of mercury related neurological disorders and works to prevent the aging of your skin.When your body eliminates toxins, this promotes healthy skin, free of blemishes. Agarwood tea does not select what toxins it eliminates; it simply flushes your body of all of them which is a healthy property. As a result of this, many people use agarwood tea to eliminate hangovers, or reduce the feeling of intoxication. When the tea is drank during intoxication or during the aftermath, agarwood tea works with your body to eliminate the alcohol in your system (yes alcohol is a toxin). As a weight loss tool, Agarwood tea is a caffeine free way to increase energy levels thus making steps to obtain physical activity easier. Agarwood tea also flushes your system to weighty toxins and works to eliminate excess body fat.

NOTE:  you will notice that while consuming agarwood tea on a regular basis will increase the number of times and quantity that you urinate. This is expected and indicative of the Agarwood tea working with your body. The flushing, detoxification that occurs as a result of drinking Agarwood tea lubricates bowels and enables the body to excrement.For centuries, Agarwood tea has been used to calm anxiety and sleep disorders.

The aroma produced from the leaves has a natural calming effect that reduces symptoms of stress, thus enabling people to achieve longer and more restful sleeps. The nutrients found in Agarwood tea leaves have also been used for pulmonary health. Naturally, Agarwood leaves increase the circulation of blood in your system (which is why it is also used to treat sexual dysfunction). When all areas of your body are in healthy circulation they are able to function correctly and provide you with natural, caffeine free energy .

Benefits of Drinking Agarwood Tea Benefits

1. Agarwood tea is a natural detoxifier!

2. Agarwood tea is a natural way to remove harmful toxins from your body (such as mercury).

3. Agarwood tea is a natural diuretic to get your digestive system on “track”.

4. Agarwood tea promotes healthy, clear skin.

5. Agarwood tea stabilizes blood sugar

6. Agarwood tea helps blood flow

7. Agarwood tea is caffeine and sugar free

8. Agarwood tea also promotes healthy body weight (it may also help promote healthy weight loss).

Ways to Drink Agarwood Tea Leaves: You can receive the same health benefits from drinking the tea either hot or cold. Either, steep the leaves in boiling water, or strain and refrigerate to drink it cold.