In Ukraine there is a rumor it is the Russian army blew up one of the dams during the evening of June 5-6.

Based on EastFruit analyst, the bursting of the dam at Kakhovska hydroelectric power station Kakhovska hydroelectric power station not only an environmental, but humanitarian catastrophe, which will result in flooding of huge regions and towns but also will affect the security of food.

The water that was pumped through this irrigation system allowed to cultivate up to 80 percent of the total vegetables that are grown in Ukraine as well as a substantial amount of both grapes and fruit. Most of the warmer climate fruits from Ukraine including peaches grapes, cherries, apricots and more. were cultivated using the irrigation system of the Kakhovka reservoir. A majority of the greenhouses for summer that supplied the inhabitants of Ukraine as well as Moldova with cheap tomato, eggplants, cucumbers and peppers were situated in the tributaries from the Kakhovka irrigation system.

Without irrigation today the region is unable to produce almost any agriculture products in this region, including the vegetables and fruits. In reality, this region receives only approximately 400mm of rain each year, with the vast majority of them fall during the winter months, i.e. out of the season of growth.

It could take 5 to 10 years to repair the dam and irrigation system. It is only possible once the area is not contested. In the meantime five years seems like an optimistic estimate, but it can be extremely challenging to achieve in reality.

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