Westfalia Fruit India is delighted to confirm the arrival of the first container for the avocado season coming from Tanzania in parallel with the first air cargoes from India by Westfalia Fruit Peru are received. It marks the start of a new exciting and strong season for 2023.

“We began selling avocados direct in India in 2022. The initial year was devoted to developing direct relationships with the major retailers as well as in establishing the distribution network. Westfalia Fruit India has appointed three national distributors : Work In Business Pvt Ltd, NGK Trading & Sam Berry Exotics Pvt Ltd. In close collaboration with distributors Westfalia Fruit India is developed a wide market not only in metropolitan areas and Tier-1 cities, but also in additional Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. The goal on this year is to ensure that Westfalia fruit avocados accessible across more than 100 cities and towns throughout India. Since the beginning of commercial operation, Westfalia Fruit India has established itself as the market’s most prominent and biggest importer of avocados within India.” said GVK Naidu, Director- Westfalia Fruit India as well as the MD of the Sam Agri group, the Indian JV with the partners of Westfalia.

Zac Bard, director at Westfalia Fruit India added “We have also established the first unit for ripening avocados in Mumbai that will focus on offering fresh and ready-to-eat avocados to consumers in the food and retail sectors. As the Indian market swiftly moving to e-commerce, and rapid shipping of merchandise, our goal is to deliver ready-to-eat avocados straight to the consumer, giving them a more convenient as well as a more regular service. Westfalia Fruit India works closely with the major offline and online merchants throughout India to increase awareness and drive consumption of avocados.”

2023 will also be the very first commercial harvests of Indian cultivars of Hass avocados, and comes with more than 500 acres worth of commercial avocado plantations which we hope to complete before the end of the year. Westfalia Fruit India is excellently situated to provide avocados regularly with different origins all year throughout the year.

Westfalia Fruit India is pioneering the growing, import and distribution of avocados within India that is fully integrated with the most extensive geographical coverage. It’s only the beginning of our journey with avocados across India and in the coming few years , avocados will be expected to become a regular part of every day diet thanks to the super-fruit easily available and readily accessible.

Westfalia Fruit India is a affiliate that is part of Westfalia Fruit, established in collaboration along with Sam Agri – India, Zohara Farms and Dvori-Or Israel in order to bring Hass avocados to India along with other internationally recognized varieties that are suitable for to the Indian climate. Westfalia Fruit India sells Hass avocados India that are sourced from the Westfalia global range of farms as well as from its farm networks that have been created in India.

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