Agarwood / Gaharu oil from the Aquilaria tree was observed to possess anti-cancer activity towards MCF-7 breast cancer cells. The findings offer evidence to further support the traditional uses of AEO to treat inflammatory related diseases. Analysis of Agarwood oil against MCF-7 (breast cancer cells). oil concentration at 44 μg/ml was able to inhibit 50% of control cell growth.


Agarwood has been long used as herbal medicine  for analgesic, antipyretic and aid in digestive system  in Eastern ancient cultures. Agarwood is mainly found in South East Asian countries. Endowed by the climate and other advantageous conditions, Indonesia Agarwood’s  quality is highly valued  among the best for its renowned unique sweet taste, many benefits and versatile usages. Agarwood is the most rare and precious heartwood on the planet. To serve different demands from producing agarwood medicines, fragrances, using in religious ceremonies, to household and personal usages, they are diversified into agarwood leaves, oil, wood chips, incenses, bead bracelets or necklaces.