Evidently, fake images which appear to depict the shape of grapes in a star have been circulated on the internet for a long time. Some internet users have been led to think they’re a real fruit grown in Japan. However, experts from the viticulture industry claimed there was no things as grapes with star shapes and AFP has found a number of videos showing how to make the images by using editing software.

The photos that were doctored were posted via a post on Facebook that claimed they were “a brand new grape variety” which was introduced in Japan. They were, however, doctored.

The message, posted by a fan page with over 170,000 followers on the 27th of March, appears to display photos of grapes that have a star shape, as well as the image of an Japanese tweet which reads: “Star-shaped grape. It’s cute.”

The photos have been circulating online from at least September 2022. They appeared in several languages, including English, French and Japanese The images resurfaced on March 2023.

Source: factcheck.afp.com