In light of the immense mango harvest that was abounding in the Dhenkanal district in the year 2012, Dhenkanal district is ranked as the highest position in the state, with the harvest of 50,000 tonnes of mangoes. Although this fruit typically gets a high amount of demand from Indian metros like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi This year, the direct shipment of 2.5 tons of Amrapalli fruit were shipped into Dubai out of Dhenkanal in the very first instance.

The District Collector, Saroj Kumar Sethi launched the export consignment with the help of the district Horticulture department deputy director Geetashree Padhi. Also present was the eastern zone head of APEDA Sitakanta Mandal and all members of India and Eastern region board chairman Sukanta Kumar Panigrahi Paaf Global Private Limited the managing director Subrat Ghosh and mango farmers Subrat Das were present.