In recent times, China’s production of fruits has improved in terms of output, but not just but also the quality.

One trend is the growing production of domestic grapes throughout the nation. Shandong province located in China’s North East is proving to be a fantastic area for the production of grapes.

He Heng is the overseer of a variety of newly planted grape orchards along the route of the old Yellow River in the Southern Dezhou Ecological Zone within the Shandong Province.

“There is a sandy loam-like soil within the alluvial plain that flows into the Yellow River. It has excellent airpermeability, a great ability to adapt dryness and moistness as well as being high in organic matter and minerals. This is the ideal place to cultivate grapes. Furthermore, the geographical situation at 37 degrees North latitude can also provide good growth conditions” According to He Heng.

Grapevines in Shandong Province

“We are committed to growing top-quality grapes ourselves, and we have created an exemplary fruit production model within China, “enterprise + cooperative + farmer” model. We can make fruit grow from 30 mu (2 acres) and to an established grape plantation starting point of over 3000 mu (200 acres)” He Heng goes on to say.

The grapes in part are given to a local winery that arranges for growers to cultivate according to a contract for each year. This helps growers solve selling issues and helps farmers to focus on managing and enhance the quality of their grapes.

Due to the unique nature of its sources, the project created a natural winery which blends primary, secondary and tertiary wines. Primary production involves the plantation and harvesting of vineyards that are organic. In the second production, there are cellars for wine, as well as the sales and processing facilities. The tertiary sector is the one that includes tourism that drives sale of wine, grapes and also promotes regional growth.

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