This summer, there’ll be an absence of cherries, apricots as well as early sweet cherries. The plums harvest, cherries, as well as late sweet cherries will also be unpredictable as it is dependent on the weather during the second quarter of May.

The cherry plums and the apricots were the most impacted by the conditions. The fruit’s growth was delayed because of the cold, windy and rainy conditions in the early part of May. In many areas, the nation were affected by fungal disease among apricots because of spring rains that fell during the blooming season.

The pricey sweet cherries could be attributed through the lack of supply and consequence of the higher costs for imported sweet cherries imported from Spain that can run between 25 and 25 euros per kilogram. Additionally, Ukraine imports apricots and cherries from Uzbekistan as well as Tajikistan and then sells them at five euros or more.

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