The tomato is one of the nature’s greatest blessings. To growers, tomatoes provide an abundant crop and are highly sought-after. People appreciate the fact the fact that tomatoes contain nutritious antioxidants, nutrients and nutrients. Food processors that process food tomatoes provide colour, taste, and pure goodness to juices sauces, purées, pastes and Ketchup. Food processing lines rely on tomatoes. tomatoes provide a steady income stream.

However, after weighing the blessings and blessings, let’s take an honest assessment. As the demand for tomatoes in the world is growing, so too are the demands they place on manufacturing lines. There is a pressing need for sorting, grading and package ever greater quantities of tomatoes throughout the brief harvesting time, without letting standards fall. But the change in consumers’ preference for more variety in tomatoes, particularly smaller cherries, makes it even more difficult to separate and grade. At all times, as they strive to improve throughput processors also need to maintain or enhance food safety and the quality of their products – brands’ reputations are based on it.

The growing market for tomatoes has resulted in the production in the world of around 19 billion tonnes annually. They cover about 5 million hectares which is larger than 153 out of the countries of the world’s 192. When market analysts look at the next 5 years they find that sales worldwide of tomatoes, both processed and fresh are expected to continue growing with a compound annual at around 4 percentage.

The most important tasks in processing making, sorting, and packing tomatoes has become significantly more complicated. New tomato varieties has resulted in the possibility of a wider range of different varieties in terms of sizes, colors as well as shape. The public and the retailers have raised the quality standards of their customers in previously unattainable levels. Exporting across the globe has put a greater emphasis on shelf longevity and the capability to anticipate the duration of it. Two crucial indicators of quality, firmness as well as Brix contents, are unnoticed by the eye of the naked or camera, and if the crop isn’t treated gently enough in any phase of processing, the entire quality may be destroyed.

Over the past five decades, TOMRA has broadened its offerings by purchasing two of the most innovative New Zealand-based firms, BBC Technologies and Compac and is the only provider of complete post-harvest-topack solutions. The solutions cover everything from placing the fruit on the line, to packaging it up at the other end. They can be used with tomatoes. Because they can be scalable and modular and adaptable, they are suited to the needs of businesses of every size. Thanks to TOMRA’s management software, tomatoes can switch from one variety of tomato to the next with unparalleled ease and speed. (One one exception is the small off-the-vine tomatoes that need to be manually sorted.)

It is the TOMRA Food business area that develops, manufactures, and sets up, calibrates and manages post-harvest-to-pack systems to tomato farmers and packers are TOMRA Fresh Food. (The second business line includes TOMRA Processed Food.) TOMRA has an established presence on the market for tomatoes and is working to improve upon this, especially across Latin America and Europe – and in the background, TOMRA Food’s R&D team is working to develop many new ideas and technological solutions for tomato farmers and packers.

Post-harvest-to-pack integrated solutions

The mission of TOMRA’s tomatoes, like other categories of food will be to guide the revolution of resources in a the world where every bit of food matters. To cater to large tomatoes, TOMRA’s cutting-edge, market-leading solutions comprise TOMRA 5S, the TOMRA 5S Advanced sorting and size platform, the Spectrim Sorter and grader, along with UltraView inspection module as well as the Inspectra2 grader system, as well as other alternatives. To cater to smaller, snack-sized tomatoes TOMRA provides two sortsers that include the MIRA360 as well as the Small Fruit Sorter (SFS) that comes with the InVision2 Grading System. To cater to tomatoes of every size TOMRA has a broad range of automated weighing and filling options.

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