The Department of Agriculture in the Zamboanga Peninsula (DA-9) has teamed up with a farmer’s group in the province of Occidental Mentaloro to sell their red onions within the region for a less expensive cost. The linkage to market was made on Thursday by the AMAD of the DA-9 and CBSIFAI. Contoroy Bato Singit Irrigators Farmers Association, Inc. (CBSIFAI) located in Occidental Mindoro.

“We aid them in marketing their goods and at same time , we offer the local buyers of onions consumers at a reduced price,” said Marissa Mohammad who is Director of the DA-9’s Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) head, in an interview. “Their initially planned destination was Cebu City, but they made the decision to move to Zamboanga City because they could not agree to the cost of selling onions.”

The CBSIFAI offers red onions for PHP100 per kilo. This is lower by PHP30 in comparison to the current cost at the market, which is PHP130 per kilogram. The last time, the price of red onions in the market in town was PHP600 per kilogram.

[ PHP100 = EUR1.70 ]