Experts in agriculture say that prices for lettuce are set to go up next month, and may continue to rise into the end of the summer. This is due to the floods that struck the Salinas Valley, a crucial California agriculture region. It is the Salinas Valley, where a huge amount of lettuce, as well as other fruits and vegetables consumed in North America is grown every year, has experienced heavy rains and severe storms since the start in the season.

John Bishop, national buyer of the distributor of produce Fresh Start Foods pointed to the additional water has caused flooding in fields and has delayed the plantation. The result has been many thousands of dollars of damage to crops.

Salinas is the exact place where the disease affected the lettuce crop last autumn which led to severe shortages as well as consistently high prices for the iceberg and Romaine lettuce, which attracted the eye of Canadian shoppers at the grocery store. This is a scenario Bishop has said that he’s never encountered throughout his years of working as a producer.