The Navel harvest is set to begin with the grower/exporter Sai World this weekend after they have delayed the beginning of their harvest so that they can get better color and levels of brix.

“The flavour and the quality of the fruits is superb, however according to the forecast, sizes are expected to be lower. It will reach around 88’s in the beginning of Navels along with Washington Navels and the brix being 13+, which could increase when we reach the end of the season” stated Sam Vasala from Sai World.

The Late Lanes are still having the time to grow and Sam is expecting to reach the 72’s.

“The market is looking promising with a strong market demand, especially since the US Navels just finished this week. There is a chance that we will struggle in countries like Vietnam due to size, however, I believe that once buyers realize that the flavor and quality are excellent, they’ll place orders. We have long-term business partners with whom we’ve been in contact with are aware of the issue and have placed orders. “Everyone will have smaller sizes in the coming year.”

Sai World exports to Japan, Korea, US, Canada, Taiwan, India, Vietnam and Thailand.

According to Sam it’s not a lot of rivalry for Australian citrus “Early South African oranges don’t contain the same brix levels and the majority of South American fruit goes into the US. It’s hard to match the flavor and quality of Australian citrus.”

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