The Miyazaki mango could be the most expensive mango. It’s currently being displayed the Koppal Museum. Koppal. Each fruit is priced at the staggering amount of the price of Rs 40,000 (EUR440) and the Horticulture Department is planning to make it more popular within Koppal. Koppal district. This variety is grown extensively throughout Japan.

Others popular varieties, such as Koppal Kesar Benshan, Dasheri, Swarnarekha and Alphonso Totapuri, Rasamari, Punari and Mallika are also on display. There are 51 farms that have set up stalls in order for selling their mangoes.

The Deputy Director for Horticulture Krishna Ukkund said, “We plan to increase the popularity of Miyazaki cultivation in the Koppal district. We will assist farmers on how to cultivate this variety on their fields.”