Bee Vectoring Technologies International has revealed a record-breaking company sale order to one of the top blueberry producers within the United States, who will incorporate Vectorite together with the CR-7 (Clonostachys rosea CR-7) bio-based fungicide as well as a an organic precision agriculture system for their blueberry farms during the coming crop season in the Pacific Northwest.

“This new client is a large-scale grower that has massive scale operations across several major growing regions. They is planning to implement the BVT system across more than 500 acres of their operation located across Washington as well as Oregon,” said Ian Collinson the Sales Manager of BVT. “This important development is a clear indication of the increasing faith that farmers have in BVT’s system since many growers have tried it on small-sized acreages before making a commitment to such vast portions of their business.”

Following the initial season of growth in partnership with the customer BVT can have the possibility to expand its acreage into Oregon and expand the partnership to California in which the grower also has a large acreage.

“This massive order is another illustration of the increasing momentum building for BVT throughout the Pacific Northwest region as we recently announced yet another major customer involvement as also agreements with an alliance of large distributors in order to further expand BVT’s range of products. BVT is making huge strides within the Pacific Northwest which holds significant opportunities for growth for BVT considering that Washington competes with Georgia as the state that has the biggest blueberry production in the country, and Oregon is ranked in fourth place, just behind Michigan(1),” continued Mr. Collinson.

The cultivator has been watching BVT test results across the Pacific Northwest over the 2022 season. It was one of the most severe instances of disease that has occurred in the past few years.

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Ashish Malik

Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc.