VertiFarm is the platform for industry as well as an international exhibition for trade in next-generation agriculture and the development of new food systems is scheduled to take place between September 26-28, between 26 and 28 September 2023 in the Messe Dortmund in Germany and will focus the spotlight on controlled agricultural practices that are environmentally sustainable (CEA).

The urgency of a timely rethink on food production is underlined, among other things, by a recent government-commissioned report by the Commission on the Future of Agriculture, which showed that ecological damage to the tune of 90 billion euros is caused each year by agriculture in Germany alone. This has been exacerbated by rapid pace of change in society, caused by climate change, problems with crops as well as supply chain bottlenecks increasing settlement in addition to the growing demand in transportation space and traffic.

Exhibitors in Vertifarm 2022

Innovative solutions for critical issues

The world’s population is growing rapidly and ensuring sustainable food supply for people living in urban areas is among the greatest issues of the present. Through VertiFarm, Messe Dortmund is offering CEA which is a diverse method for sustainable food production. It is an important platform to present new approaches to farming at the next level as well as new ways of consuming food. Through space-saving, as well as in some instances, soil-free farming methods as well as the cultivation of insect farms, fish and fungi, “clean meat’ and algal, such methods can facilitate precise crop management, uninterrupted supply chains, a reduced production footprint and a reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions emitted through the agricultural industry.

International exhibitors covering a broad spectrum of topics

VertiFarm 2023 will provide a complete overview of the international market for production methods controlled by technology as well as the cultivation of alternatives fresh foods, innovative food items, as well as medicinal plants. There is a record quantity of exhibitor have booked their booths which are in many cases bigger than they did last year. One of them is Norwegian firm Avisomo AS, which provides an array of services that can be used to establish plant factories and cultivation systems using nutrients (hydroponics). Swedish supplier WIVID is presenting its expertise in the creation and manufacturing of high-efficiency surface-mounted light fixtures.

The other company that will participate is Bosman van Zaal B.V. located in the Netherlands which is a specialist in the production of plant parts and additionally in water and ventilation treatment for agricultural, food as well as pharmaceutical fields. German’s Menno Chemie-Vertrieb GmbH will be again in Dortmund showing its diverse knowledge of hygiene management within manufacturing plants.

What did exhibitors have to say about their first event of 2022.

The declaration made from Johann Waldherr, Business Development Manager of Wurth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG It is clear that at its inaugural event, VertiFarm was able to position itself well in the international viewpoint: “You can see there’s an enormous trade crowd present – all you require in technological innovation and advancements for vertical agriculture. People of the younger age group, especially who are coming into the show, with great concepts and maybe just looking for an extra boost for the start-ups they’ve created or their manufacturing companies. It’s an issue that’s huge to us as well as everyone else in the industry at present.”

Lutz Kaiser who is the Product Development Engineer of Roko Farming GmbH and Co The company also provided praise for the upcoming show. He said: “You can feel there’s an enormous interest in holistic concepts for solutions like our xFactory as well as we’ve received a number of positive reviews from others who exhibit at the event. We’ve been amazed at the number of international attendees that there are. International trade audiences from all over the world have gathered here.”


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