Mastronardi Produce has revealed its new product launches with the introduction to Umami Five Taste(r) for its award-winning line of snacks made from tomatoes in the vine. It brings a new flavour character for the Bombs(r) assortment, featuring an oozy and sweet taste which complements the current line of sweet flavors. The tomato that is used for snacking has distinctive in its red hue. It cultivated to have a stunning the taste as it is in the appearance. Umami Bomb Umami Bomb is named after an Japanese term which has been employed to describe a flavor that is not commonly used in the West to refer to a mysterious sweet flavor that isn’t in the traditional four categories: salty, sweet bitter, sour or sweet which is also known as, “the fifth taste”.

“It’s an unplanned event that we’re making Umami”The fifth Taste(r) in our 5th Bomb,” explains Paul Mastronardi president and Chief Executive Officer of Mastronardi Produce Ltd. “Umami is a unique and distinctive flavor which will delight our faithful Bombs customers. We’re extremely excited to launch this product and keep leading development in the fastest-growing segment of tomatoes.”

As with the other Bombs snacks, Umami tomatoes are ripened to perfection before being stuffed on the vine to provide maximum taste and freshness. It is comprised of Flavor Bombs(r) as well as Sugar Bombs(r) and Honey Bombs(tm) and Lolli Bombs(tm) which have sparked massive demand and an enviable followers among customers.

The company will unveil Umami in the world’s first-ever Umami experience during CPMA The attendees will be able to have a glimpse of the Fifth Taste(tm) on the booth SUNSET #1021.


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