Durian Investment

Corporate Durian Tree Resale – 20% Off

Corporate Resale | Save up to 39,550 USD! (25.07% avg. annual returns) One of our corporate clients has requested our assistance in liquidating a portion of their Organic Musang King Durian tree holdings in Malaysia due to issues with their business. The client acquired 200 trees in 2023 for USD 619,200 (3,096 per tree), which is a massive 20% discount from our current pricing of USD 777,400 (3,887 per tree). Naturally, a single 50 tree transaction is preferred, but the client has agreed to release fractional packages. Below is a breakdown of the available packages (in USD): PLEASE NOTE: Since your [...]

Agribusiness Managed Investment Scheme (MIS)

Agribusiness managed investment schemes (MIS) were developed to finance agricultural operations on a large scale. They allow small investors to pool their funds to invest in a large-scale agricultural operation. MIS were introduced to Australian investors after the passage of the Managed Investments Act 1998, ostensibly to encourage agricultural diversification, after the decline of the local forestry industry. Over the 20-year life cycle of a typical MIS, investors would pay fees in the first few years as orchards were planted, which would become significant tax deductions. Fees would drop after a few years, and the scheme would return profits as the [...]

Mise à jour des actualités de janvier 2024

Bienvenue dans notre actualité de janvier 2024 sur Plantations International. Dans ce numéro… Nous avons des nouvelles très excitantes ! La NOUVELLE évaluation par BDO de Plantations International Plantations International rejoint le Pacte mondial des Nations Unies Plantation biologique Musang King Durian – La première au monde ! Accord de collaboration avec l'Université de Mara NOUVELLE évaluation par BDO de Plantations International ~ En novembre 2021, Plantations International Thaïlande a reçu une évaluation des revenus projetés de 270 892 231 USD de la part du cabinet international de comptabilité et d'audit Mazars. Depuis lors, nos plantations de mangues ont plus que triplé en taille.  [...]

January 2024 News Update

Welcome to our January 2024 Plantations International Update. In this issue... We have some very exciting news! Plantations International's NEW BDO Valuation Plantations International Joins United Nations Global Compact Organic Musang King Durian Plantation - World's First! Mara University Collaboration Agreement Plantations International's NEW BDO Valuation ~ in November of 2021 Plantations International Thailand received a projected revenue valuation USD 270,892,231 from the international accounting and auditing firm Mazars. Since then our Mango plantations have more than TRIPLED in size. In early January of this year the team from BDO agreed to update our previous valuation to reflect our growth. BDO [...]

Plantations International Receives PEFC Certification

Plantations International Thailand is very proud to announce that its mango plantation in Thailand has received the prestigious PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification. This landmark achievement marks the first time a mango plantation in Asia has been recognized for its commitment to sustainable forest management practices. The PEFC certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainable forest management, ensuring that forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social, and economic requirements. This certification reflects Plantations International Thailand's commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. By adhering to the stringent standards set by PEFC, Plantations [...]

The Rise of Musang King: How Malaysia’s “King of Fruits” Conquered China’s Durian Market

The Rise of Musang King The pungent, creamy and bittersweet Musang King durian has become a sensation in China, captivating local tastebuds and dominating the imported durian market. As Musang King's popularity soars in China, it is helping promote Malaysia's culture, cuisine and tourism beyond its borders. The Allure of Musang King Musang King, known as Mao Shan Wang in China, is a premium cultivar of durian grown in Raub, Pahang. Its unique taste and texture has earned accolades as the "king of durians". Demand has skyrocketed in recent years as durian imports to China increased from $2.1 million in [...]

China’s Durian Imports Surge Over 50% in First Half of 2023

Data from China Customs indicate that China’s durian imports in the first six months of this year reached a volume of 787,000 metric tons and a value of $3.83 billion, corresponding to year-on-year increases of 57.1% and 64.9%, respectively. It is worth noting that China’s total durian imports in 2022 were 825,000 metric tons and $4.04 billion, only slightly higher than the values registered for the first half of 2023, highlighting the rapid expansion of China’s durian market. According to statistics from the World Trade Organization, China was the world’s largest importer and consumer of durians in 2022, accounting for a [...]