In April 2023, consumers on global markets experienced an increase of 5.81 million. That’s an rise of 4,56%. more bananas were shipped are imported from Ecuador than April of this the year (2022.)

An estimated 90.45 million boxes were sent to their three top export destinations, with 31.04 percent going to the European Union, 24.42% to Russia and 12.49 percent towards in the Middle East. Exports for banana boxes between January and April 2023 totals 133.13 million boxes, compared with 127.32 million boxes in the same time last year. The top three countries in the world for exports of bananas saw an increase of Eastern Europe 17.66%, Europe EFTA 20.94 percent as well as Asia 12.08 percentage. These figures are based on the most recent reports released from the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE) as well as the Ecuador Banana Marketing and Export Association (Acorbanec).

“Regarding the report of Banana Weekly Market Sense for April, it’s noted that when it comes to dollar sales The barometer revealed an increasing trend within the consensus of global experts in the value chain, ranging from 1.85 during week of 13 and 1.65 recorded in week 17. Denoting that the dollar-based sales fell in the industry,” as per AEBE.

“Of those 133.13 million bananas shipped from January through April 2023 86.22 percent are 22XU boxes. 9.36 percent to boxes that contain 208 boxes; 3.54 percent correspond to organic bananas. 0.85 percent correspond to Baby Banana BB 0.02 percent are Purple bananas WB, as well as Red Banana. The evidence suggests an increase in the box that is 22XU, which is +8.57 percentage, however, it is evident that a decrease has occurred by the different types of boxes” says Acorbanec.

The best Ecuadorian ports include Guayaquil which has 85.81 millions boxes (64.46 percent Participation), Puerto Bolivar with 31.57 million boxes (23.72 percentage Participation) as well as Posorja which has 15.75 millions boxes (11.83 percentage part).

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