Peruzzo Group Peruzzo Group mainly sells kiwi fruits from Greece, Italy and France. However, this year’s conditions have caused significant impact on the production of the fruit which is indicating a very bleak campaign. “One certainty is that we’ll be severely penalized over the next few months,” explains Tony Saglietto as the director-general for Peruzzo Group. Peruzzo Group. “The producers have had unprecedented rainfalls,” explains Tony Saglietto in reference to the flooding that have hit Emilia-Romagna. “Italy is losing nearly 40% of the production and the destruction is such that the Kiwi plant has died. Two major cooperatives within the region suffered severe damage and were in water for ten day.” Chile is also suffering from a shortage of the Kiwi fruits, also because of the conditions.

Greek Kiwi fruit found in the stores?The French production is very good However, Spain has experienced a loss of nearly 20 percent of its output. “Everyone will be turning towards Greece particularly Italy with the highest rate of loss. Costs will also be very excessive.” At the moment for the moment, the business will maintain a constant supply however it is likely to “not be able to service more customers.”

Peruzzo Group Peruzzo Group is expanding its selection of varieties with the introduction of new the red and yellow kiwis which are currently being planted within the Gard region in France. It is planned for 2026 to launch marketing.

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