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AcreTrader Launches Innovative New Platform

Acres: Illuminating the Farmland Market with Transparency and Innovation Acres, the innovative platform by AcreTrader, is reshaping the farmland market by offering critical information to buyers and sellers. With over 280,000 accounts created in its first year, AcreTrader is empowering informed decisions and transforming the industry. In the vast, fertile [...]

Mango Prices in the U.S. Hit Unprecedented Levels

The U.S. relies on mango imports primarily from South America during the winter months. Mango production in Peru and Ecuador has been significantly impacted by the El Niño phenomenon, which led to elevated temperatures during the critical flowering stage and thereby exerted a detrimental effect on overall yields. A compounding [...]

HSBC Bank predicts that demand for durian will surge by up to 400%

“While some may view durian as a fruit with a strong taste, and others complain about its distinctive smell, we anticipate that demand for durian will rise by up to 400% annually, primarily fuelled by the growing popularity of durian in China,” HSBC Bank’s Asean region economist Aris Dacanay [...]

Agribusiness Managed Investment Scheme (MIS)

Agribusiness managed investment schemes (MIS) were developed to finance agricultural operations on a large scale. They allow small investors to pool their funds to invest in a large-scale agricultural operation. MIS were introduced to Australian investors after the passage of the Managed Investments Act 1998, ostensibly to encourage agricultural diversification, [...]

Mise à jour des actualités de janvier 2024

Bienvenue dans notre actualité de janvier 2024 sur Plantations International. Dans ce numéro… Nous avons des nouvelles très excitantes ! La NOUVELLE évaluation par BDO de Plantations International Plantations International rejoint le Pacte mondial des Nations Unies Plantation biologique Musang King Durian – La première au monde ! Accord de [...]

January 2024 News Update

Welcome to our January 2024 Plantations International Update. In this issue... We have some very exciting news! Plantations International's NEW BDO Valuation Plantations International Joins United Nations Global Compact Organic Musang King Durian Plantation - World's First! Mara University Collaboration Agreement Plantations International's NEW BDO Valuation ~ in November of [...]

The Future of Agricultural Robotics: How Meraque’s RACE AGV is Paving the Way for Automation in Malaysia

The global agriculture industry stands on the precipice of a technological revolution. Robotics and artificial intelligence are poised to transform age-old farming practices, ushering in a new era of enhanced productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. At the forefront of this change is Meraque, a Malaysian robotics solutions company that has [...]

Plantations International Receives PEFC Certification

Plantations International Thailand is very proud to announce that its mango plantation in Thailand has received the prestigious PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification. This landmark achievement marks the first time a mango plantation in Asia has been recognized for its commitment to sustainable forest management practices. [...]

The Future of Farming: How AI and Robots Are Revolutionizing Agriculture

The Future of Farming Farming is one of humankind’s oldest professions, but in recent years it has started undergoing a high-tech transformation. As countries around the world face labor shortages and climate change, many farmers are turning to AI and robots to help plant, nurture, and harvest crops. This [...]

The Rise of Musang King: How Malaysia’s “King of Fruits” Conquered China’s Durian Market

The Rise of Musang King The pungent, creamy and bittersweet Musang King durian has become a sensation in China, captivating local tastebuds and dominating the imported durian market. As Musang King's popularity soars in China, it is helping promote Malaysia's culture, cuisine and tourism beyond its borders. The Allure [...]

How China’s Durian Craze Is Strengthening Ties With Southeast Asia

The King of Fruits: How China's Durian Craze Is Strengthening Ties With Southeast Asia The pungent, spiky durian fruit has long been treasured in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits." In recent years, durian fever has spread to China, with the country importing and consuming durians in unprecedented [...]