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China Demands Premium Musang King Durian

MALAYSIANS will not have any durian to savour if all of the fruits are exported to China, says Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Minister Sim Tze Tzin. “We are producing 300,000 tonnes of durians a year while we are currently exporting 5.8%, or 17,000 tonnes to China. “On comparison, Thailand exports [...]

China Buying up Musang King Durian Plantations

Malaysia’s Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Minister Sim Tze Tzin has refuted a nightmare scenario for his durian loving countrymen, that claimed that Malaysians will have no Musang King durians left if demand for the 'king of fruits' increases in China. "We are producing 300,000 tons of durians a year, currently [...]

Musang King Durian Demand in China

The Demand for Malaysian Musang King durians soars in China. It signals the imminent arrival of opportunities and potential challenges to durian farmers. Last November, 165,000 Chinese citizens arrived at a festival in Nanning to get their hands on a premium Musang King durians. These people were not waiting excitedly [...]

United Nations Warns of World Food Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has attacked the world at almost every angle and has certainly exposed dangerous deficiencies in the global food system. In many countries that rely on traditional farming techniques, the lockdowns are slowing harvests, while millions of seasonal labourers are unable to work. Food waste has reached damaging [...]

China’s Demand for Musang King Durian not affected by Covid-19

According to the Plantations International's Market Dynamics Research Team  (MDR), the demand for Malaysian Musang King durians on the Chinese market remains as robust as ever. Even though the spread of the novel coronavirus has interrupted supply chains to various degrees, lets not confuse supply chains with market demand. The [...]

Royal Thai Forestry Department Registration

BANGKOK, May 3, 2020 (Press Release) - Bangkok, Thailand based Plantations International Co. Limited who is part of the Plantations International Group of companies is very pleased to announce that the Royal Thai Forestry Department has accepted and approved its registration of its latest Agarwood tree plantation in Chonburi, Thailand. [...]

Appointment of François Charles-Edouard

The Plantations International group of companies is very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. François Charles-Edouard as our official master agent and representative for Switzerland and France. For all sales and plantation management related enquiries he may be contacted on the below; SWITZERLAND François Charles-Edouard Plantations International Limited Route [...]