Since the first volumes of frozen musang king durians were shipped to China in April 2018, the Chinese market has seen a surge in demand for Musang King Durian. Large volumes of this variety from Malaysia are expected to enter China with the “First China-ASEAN Online Trade Fair” that is to take place on September 11-13.

Durian is indigenous to Malaysia and was later introduced to Thailand, Myanmar and other areas. The soil, water quality, temperature and other conditions in Malaysia are highly suitable for the growth of this fruit, therefore, the country produces the fruit with the best taste and quality – better than those grown in Thailand, Myanmar, and other areas.

Frozen musang king durian is instant-frozen from naturally ripened fruit, retaining the natural rich taste of the fruit, before being transported via the cold chain. When arriving at the hands of consumers, the taste is more or less the same as when the fruit was freshly picked. It is reported that the Malaysian government stipulates that only the frozen product of Musang King Durian, the top variety, can be exported in order to ensure the best taste and quality. Previously, Malaysia was only allowed to export frozen musang king durian pulp and paste to China.

Salahuddin Ayub, Minister of Agriculture of Malaysia, said that China’s approval of the import of frozen whole Musang King durians is expected to bring Malaysia at least 500 million ringgits (about 840 million yuan) in revenue each year. He also said that an increasing number of Malaysian fruit companies are hoping to obtain export licenses to China.

At present, there are only 14 registered enterprises in Malaysia with the qualification to export frozen whole musang king durians to China. These companies will participate in the First China-ASEAN Online Trade Fair and have direct dialogues with Chinese buyers, which will be an excellent opportunity that Chinese fruit traders cannot miss.

Durian is one of the few fruits in China that is entirely dependent on imports and enjoys a huge market. In 2019,musang king durian imports and durian investment increased by 48%, surpassing cherries and becoming the “king of imported fruits”. Even under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic this year, the import volume still maintains a high growth.

Source: Financial Times